CUAC is the first regional Urban Movement entirely devoted to the design, fulfillment, activation and development of Creative Activities.

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0810 555 CUAC (2822)

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, CABA. Argentina

...leaving a legacy to future generations...

After turning fifty we start looking at things in a different way. We discover that only superheroes reach the infinity and beyond and we realize that much of what we do is not any more for ourselves but for others. It is not only a matter of common sense but a mathematical question.

Let’s think in terms of education: anyone starting today will need around 25 years to complete their academic studies, around 2 or 3 years of specialization, and around 15 years of working development to be in a leadership position that will allow to transfer this knowledge to those coming behind.

A whole lifetime that we will certainly not be able to see. But in which we definitely want to have an impact on.This dream wants to come true as CUAC. Something only possible to conceive after your fifties. When your hunger for fame, money and acknowledgement are left behind.

And only the inner desire to leave a legacy to future generations is ahead.

Ana Langberg

Ana Langberg

Argentinian Women Entrepreneur.
Mother at 50. Architect.
CUAC Founder. Promoter of this long term Creative Culture movement.

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Coco Cherny

One of the Knights of the Advertising Industry of Argentina since the early 80s.
Nowadays he is still fighting the creative battle, producing and leading new ideas and projects.
CUAC Co-founder. Creative Director of the voice of our brand.

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Lilián Beriro

Lilián Beriro

Communicator Expert of Ideas targeted towards a result.
CUAC Co-founder. Currently inspiring commercial vision to the brand.
One of the first Entrepreneur Ladies in the local market of Digital Marketing, Media and in the Business of Entertainment Contents & Brands, with more than 25 years of experience in the area.

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