CUAC is the first regional Urban Movement entirely devoted to the design, fulfillment, activation and development of Creative Activities
Based on a systematic development program that gives Creativity the same importance that Formal Education gives to Literacy and Sports
A New Service Concept of Complementary Extracurricular Education. A New Generic of our regional Educational Market. Able to be shaped, expanded, modulated and exported. Where Content and Continent mark the difference
This concept is based on two fundamental facts

1) A demand and growing appetite for creativity in society, both in private (family and friends) and public environments (community, labor and economic), which seeks for creative and flexible profiles in its members: makers, proactive members, trainers, leaders, scientists, professionals, workers, managers, and other cultural agents to adapt to new environments and constant change demands.

2) An increasingly democratic, technological, and portable digital world seeking for new routes of expression to meet more and new needs that modern times incorporate on a daily basis. Today formal education is in a period of inspection and adaptation to these circumstances.

Sir Ken Robinson
``Creativity should be as important as literacy.``

Sir Ken Robinson

Perhaps its complex structure prevents it to quickly change their old standards to new ones, not before passing the tests that the system require. Without interfering in this process that requires greater efforts in its reorganization, we find relevant to be complementary agents to our people’s training from the beginning, to slowly incorporate all across the age spectrum of our society this powerful concept:

``I am able to Create, I am able to Make``
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Create in our society since early childhood and towards future generations a Creative Culture that can be applied to all areas of our family, social, working, and economic life


Being worldwide referents of a global movement of Creative Culture that enhances the unique contribution that each individual and their community can make to improve the quality of life of our planet and its inhabitants


Creativity as a Human Right. Every human being has the right to activate its creativity
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Creativity is a human characteristic that we all can have access to, it is not a privilege
Sustainability and Idea of Community. Creativity flows and evolves over time, it is strengthened throughout Community contact.